About Select

Illinois Select FastPitch Softball is a non-profit, 501C3, development first organization that focuses on equiping players to compete at their highest potential. Based out of Minooka, IL, Illinois Select is a new name to the game but our roots are in deep in the fastpitch softball community and youth sports development.

At Illinois Select we are committed to helping our players reach their greatest potential by providing intensive instruction and opportunities to compete at a higher level of play where discipline, teamwork and good sportsmanship are expected.

Are you tired of you daughter not getting better? Tired of instruction from other organizations only coming in the form of more reps with the hope you figure it out.

Sure you may get better from one year to the next from all the countless hours of practice, but are you truly learning the techniques that will take your game to the next level. Hard work alone will only get you so far. At IL Select you will learn that hard work with proper technique and training will take your game to a whole new level.

This is why Il Select was founded. Too many organizations are not providing players with the fundamental techniques to build on for years to come.  Too many organizations are relying on old outdated teaching techniques that just simply do not work. Once the player advances to the High school or college level, many coaches’ are spending time un-teaching the bad habits that have been formed.

IL Select will work alongside the player and parent for those countless reps to help promote proper fundamentals and technique. We will teach the player and parent (if desired) not only how to do it, but why they are doing it, and what happens if you do not use the proper technique.


Have you ever noticed how other program’s never detail exactly what you’re getting, how they’re going to develop your daughter and ultimately don’t have a plan to propel her into future endeavors in a wildly competitive sport, and world for that matter? At some point we all have to take our future into our own hands but the culture and environment we subject ourselves to has such a large bearing on how quickly we progress and ultimately meet our future goals. Select FastPitch’s developmental plan focuses on individualized skill development, overall athletic development and team work in a fast paced, highly competitive environment that translate into real life skills on and off the field. Standards are set high but age appropriately with support every step of the way.