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Why Illinois Select?

Illinois Select Fastpitch is Non-Profit, 501C3, Sports Orgranization

Illinois Select Fastpitch is a Non-Profit, 501C3, Sports Organization that pours all of its resources into providing the best training, facilities, technology and game play experience to its players and families.

Youth sports is an investment many families make and we fully believe that every dollar each family invests should be committed to helping their daughter improve and ultimately reach their athletic goals.

Illinois Select Fastpitch has quickly became one of the most competitive youth Fastpitch Softball programs in the Southwest Chicago suburbs. With several teams in the top 15 & higher for their respective age groups, Select is growing more and more competitive each season… and its only year two!

IL Select is building it from the ground up and we want like minded players/families who want to develop and grow their game to jump on board. With only one team at each age level we want to field quality people and players that carry the Select name with a purpose both on and off the field.


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